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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Democratic Debate

I'll give one of these a shot for Democrats. Honestly, I was watching Sleepless and Seattle and I accidentally hit the jump button. So basically I'm saying I might start live blogging Sleepless and Seattle.

9:06:True to hype, the "guys" are going after Hillary hard.

Hillary sounds like the only man up there. Really.

Big laughs, Hillary: "I've taken on the special interests." Sober or not, that's funny stuff.

9:11:Sorry I blacked out there for a minute. Came to it with Hillary yelling about Iraq or Iran. Something like that.

Joe Biden is still running for president? Biden: "We have a problem in the Senate..." No shit.

This is nothing but foreign policy so far. And I haven't even heard anything about foreign policy yet. Hillary defended her Iraq vote. Obama "reaching out", he actually used the word carrots. Dodd softly sending me to sleep about...about...I give up. They were words. Definitely words.

Hillary: "We need to reign Him (George Bush) in."

9:19: Is anyone running against Hillary? Maybe Edwards, but it's clear who has the nomination to lose.

Richardson is unfortunately disappointing so far.

Kucinich Time!!!!! He just called democrats enablers. I love it. Dennis: "Planning for war with Iran is illegal". Not sure about that one Dennis. Boy, he is short. Just noticed how short. I think he just got the first applause.

Hillary pledges to something about the Iran bomb. Note to self: Must find youtube video of her response. Great stuff.

Biden makes a good point over the hysteria of an Iranian bomb. The Pakistanis is the point.

9:29: Richardson: "I;ve gone head to head with Saddam" "There is a guy in the fourth row who's life I saved" Can't type fast enough to get all the lines down.

Kucinich Time!!!!! "I would urge the Iranians to give up nuclear power because it isn't self-sustaining and it is expensive." I;m serious, that is his answer to an Iranian question. I'm taking a smoke break.

9:45: 2 hours?? No way I make it that long. Switching to Sleepless and Seattle for now, then Boston Legal. I'll try and check back it.

10:12Obama on obama charm:The US Senate race against Alan Keyes. "They said nobody is going to vote for a black man named obama."..."I won by 30 points in the general election. No Obama, no one is going to vote for a black guy named Alan. That's more accurate. Please.

UPDATE: My concluding thoughts -- Edwards beat Obama to the punch. By punch I mean punch to the face of Hillary. Obama looked timid, not at all confident and certainly not Presidential. Richardson was backing off the Hillary attacks and screaming "Look at me!! Vote for me!!", and it just came off poorly.

By far Hillary had the strongest showing. Reading the blogosphere's opinion at large we seem to be in agreement on this. She was composed, not too shrill, and powerful. Barring some tremendous scandal, she is going to blow the field away come Iowa, which appears to be the strategy for the Clinton camp. Edwards seemed like the only other guy with any kind of shot, and that pains me greatly to say that.

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