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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Except for Bill's Oval Office BJs, Neocons Should Love the Clintons

Radley Balko writes about how the left's powerhouse, Hillary, isn't all that distinguishable from the depressing adminstration we have right now.

After the first six paragraphs, unfortunately, I think that if he deleted the name "Hillary Clinton" and replaced it with "Rudy Giuliani" or "Mitt Romney," the article would still apply, for the most part.

Libertarians have some very valid arguments against Ron Paul's stances on abortion or immigration. He's certainly not perfect. But for me personally, I can't imagine supporting any major candidate from either party.

As the one candidate who convinces me that he really will cut the size and scope of the federal government, Paul is still the only candidate I can support. Unfortunately, his actual chances at the Republican candidacy are slim to none.

It's only my personal opinion, but I'm going to declare it right now: If it's Rudy vs. Hillary (or Mitt vs. Hillary), I'm either voting third party or writing in Ron Paul.

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