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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Feral Cat Blogging

Sorry for the light posting. I've taken in a stray cat that I think has AIDS, and definitely has a hepatitis or 2. And a toilet overflowed last night. And my laptop power cord is shot. And it hurts when I urinate. I think the stray cat and the painful urination might be connected. Or it's from the casual street walker sex I have on a regular basis. Really, there's no way to know for sure.

Why did I take in a stray cat that has gone on to bite and scratch me everyday we've had it? I didn't. It came as a package deal. A roommate brought home a girl that in turn came with a cat. Any more details aren't necessary. But I'll let you imagine the type of girl that comes with a stray cat. Savor that picture.

Serious question -- I'm guessing that this cat has been living on the streets of Baltimore for some period of time. It has broken my skin with fangs and claws on more than one occasion. What can I get from him? I feel fine, and I clarified that I can not catch feline AIDS from a cat. So I'm not too worried; but I'm curious if I should watch for something, or get a shot. Let me know. Or if you would like a cat, let me know. I'll ship it anywhere in the US.