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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

From Sunny San Francisco...

"I looked out and saw the mountain engulfed in flames with a trail at least three miles long coming down"

As the West Coast contributor to TtP, I thought I should say something about what is going on over here. It is intense and tragic and sad and people are pretty much, totally freaking out (as they should). Most people up here in San Francisco have friends and family down in Southern California that they are terribly worried about. Though the majority of residents are being evacuated and moved to safety, it is still quite horrible and unfair that this should have to happen to anyone.

We can only hope, expect, and demand that this disaster will not mirror ones of the past. And though it is easy to say, "well, the people in Southern California are rich and white so of course they will not suffer as much as those whose lives were destroyed by Katrina", the truth is...with the way our government is can't really count on anything.

And also, like Leonardo said, it's fucking HOT everywhere. So in case you had any doubts about what our colossal footprint is doing to our ecosystem, look no further than the sweat beads on your forehead and the eye witness news coming straight from LA, glowing on your ostentatious big screen television.

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