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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Global Warming Pulse: Here in DC it is Late October and Hit a Humid 80 Degrees Today

Those who doubt that global warming is happening are welcome to pay my AC bill this Fall. I actually had to turn it on today as it was so humid that my shower towels from the day before were wet.

DC summer went from ending in August, to extending into September in a bad year and now it is late October and it is still here.

I do not understand the libertarian skepticism and hostility toward the idea that global warming is real when companies left and right, which are only driven by profit, are seeking to adapt and capitalize upon the changes. It seems to me that libertarians are caught up in the same type of delusional thinking of the neocons who still aver that the Iraq War is going well and was a smart undertaking.

Buffalo, that formerly snowed-in city, sees warming as a positive. Canada is bullish that warming will make it wine country.