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Monday, October 01, 2007

Harvesting Time

It's that time year -- harvesting for some, eradication for others. Lots of articles floating around about futile eradication efforts, what this year's crops look like, etc...Good article yesterday in the USA Today, covering such eradication efforts in Kentucky (the nation's #2 producer behind California), and the ingrained culture of growing in Appalachian country. Story is a pretty fair portrayal, and I'd give the whole thing a read if I were you, but I'll excerpt the last quote of the article from a Kentucky State Police Lieutenant. It's an awfully telling statement of how everyone on both sides of the drug issue knows -- or should know -- that large scale enforcement and interdiction is useless. Especially when we are talking about an artificially high-priced weed that can, and would grow just about everywhere. [emphasis mine]
Shemelya says he believes that marijuana would be on every hillside in Eastern Kentucky if his unit didn't keep it in check.

"You're never going to stop people from growing marijuana," he says. "But the idea is to make it so dad-gummed hard to grow they go to Tennessee or somewhere else."
Right. Thanks for making our point. Full article here.

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