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Monday, October 15, 2007

Head to Toe: No Longer an Option?

SFGate is reporting that due to lack of space, some 50-60 "criminals" in San Francisco's biggest jail have been forced to sleep on the floor. In fear of a lawsuit for trampling on basic rights, early releases have been scheduled for those convicted of petty crimes.

Sheriff Michael Hennessey said,
"If they keep bringing more people in for low-risk crimes, at some point I'm not even going to take them...And that point is coming up pretty darn soon."

But wait!...then the Sheriff said something very un-Sheriff-like:

"You can't continue to crack down on drugs, crack down on the homeless and make more typical drunk-driving and violent-offender arrests without having the jail space to put them in," Hennessey said. "And you can't keep hiring more cops - who if they're doing their jobs are going to make more arrests - without having the space."
What I am sensing here, Sheriff Hennessey --- and you can totally refute this --- is that you don't necessarily think all of these people who committed "petty crimes" should be in jail in the first place? Implying that, maybe, we should seek other ways to deal with "crime" so as not to make an Alcatraz out of an AA meeting?

Oh, and what is that? Mayor Gavin Newsom agrees with you?
"For his part, Mayor Gavin Newsom is "committed to pursuing a variety of options" to address the overcrowding, a spokesman said. Those include home detention monitoring and residential drug treatment."

Oh, hold the phone! I think my brow just furrowed and my bureaucracy bullshit meter just buzzed! I'll get back to TtP in ten years when this story develops!

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