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Monday, October 22, 2007

Helmet Hair or Skeletor?

This image is making it's rounds on Facebook and various female-centric blogs. I guess it's a big deal amongst "my people", but truth be told, I just briefly glanced at it and rolled my eyes.

I can see why it's so infuriating, but I don't think its worth the spike in blood pressure. We've all had a few beers and the conversation of "who we would rather do, Hillary Clinton vs. Ann Coulter? (and/or) John Edwards vs. Mitt Romney?" Unfortunately (or not), our most basic instinct is sex, not bureaucracy.

So really, what is the point in getting all worked up about a chart made by some meat-head graphic arts major with a raging hard on for lady's pant-suits?

Christ, I am just glad someone of my generation was able to name 18 women in politics!

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