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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Like My Bolivian Hookers Dirty and Agitated

Trouble in the streets of Bolivia:

LA PAZ (AFP) - Hundreds of outraged prostitutes are ready to fight a morality campaign targeting their trade by marching nude in the streets of Bolivia's capital, a spokeswoman said Thursday.


Lily, speaking on behalf of the prostitutes, warned that prostitutes would "march nude in the streets of La Paz" and threatened to forsake checks from health authorities.


Organizers of the morality campaign have demanded the mayor close several hundred illegal brothels and enforce a ban on minors visiting them. The activists have also called for ensuring the houses of prostitution operate a good distance from churches, schools and hospitals.

The police have sent in reinforcements to the turbulent area but the campaign has spread to other towns and provinces.
Protecting protesting prostitutes. A military action we could all get behind. Full article here.

Thanks to Sean Higgins for the link, who btw, has a delightful article, well worth a read, up on Modern Drunkard on the U.S. Prohibition Party. From the piece on scheduling an interview with the party's presidential candidate:
Scheduling an interview with a presidential candidate usually takes a lot of negotiation and many phone calls. Not so with Amondson. A Google search turned up his e-mail address, and about half an hour later he agreed to an hour-long interview on the following day.

“I have all the time in the world,” he explains.

His campaign headquarters? He doesn’t appear to have one. It turned out that the phone number was for a local public library where Amondson spends a lot of his free time.
Full article here.

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