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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

"If he's a cheat at one thing, he'll cheat at anything"

A motto I live by*, and one reason why I think a politician's love life is the public's business.
MEXICO CITY — After a humiliating defeat in Mexico's presidential election last year, Roberto Madrazo appeared to be back on top: He'd won the men's age-55 category in the Sept. 30 Berlin marathon with a surprising time of 2:41:12. But Madrazo couldn't leave his reputation for shady dealings in the dust. Race officials said Monday they disqualified him for apparently taking a short cut — an electronic tracking chip indicates he skipped two checkpoints in the race and would have needed superhuman speed to achieve his win.

More here.

* and by live by, I mean I cheat at everything. I once cheated while playing Chutes & Ladders with my niece. And not just once. Three times in a row. Don't judge me. I did it out of love. Love of winning.

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