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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Indian Marxists to Prosperity: Stay Out

On the front page of the newspaper delivered to my hotel room every morning is an article detailing the influence of the Communist Party of India. About midway through the article:

In a vague bit of saber rattling, [Communist Party leader Prakash] Karat has threatened "serious consequences" if Singh's government advances its negotiations on its nuclear deal with the United States. He sees it as a part of a strategic alliance with the United States, intended to increase American weight in Asia — and he wants none of it.

"We don't want to be another Japan," Karat said. "It's not in our interest."

Emphasis mine. Online version of the full article here.

I'm sure the Indian people will appreciate a leader of one of the (apparently) major political parties saying that he prefers the Indian status quo to the widespread prosperity of Japan.

If someone was to take a worldwide poll asking people whether they would prefer to live in India or Japan, is there any doubt as to what the results would say?

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