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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Iraq Dam Collapse Could Kill 500,000

More bad news from Iraq:
Even in a country gripped by daily bloodshed, the possibility of a catastrophic failure of the Mosul Dam has alarmed American officials, who have concluded that it could lead to as many as 500,000 civilian deaths by drowning Mosul under 65 feet of water and parts of Baghdad under 15 feet, said Abdulkhalik Thanoon Ayoub, the dam manager. "The Mosul dam is judged to have an unacceptable annual failure probability," in the dry wording of an Army Corps of Engineers draft report.
So if that dam collapses, the US looks terrible. Had we never invaded Iraq, it would not be our responsibility, but now it is. Bush, in 2000, campaigned against nation-building, yet he has committed us to the biggest and possibly most fruitless and expensive nation-building campaign in US history.

I am sure that dam in Iraq sucks and needs to be rebuilt. So do the levees in New Orleans and the highways and bridges across America. The fact that our government is paying for the former and skimping on the latter is a betrayal of conservatism.

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