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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Next Mayor of Philly

Michael Nutter, the soon-to-be mayor of Philadelphia:

PHILADELPHIA - Michael Nutter, the man who is nearly certain to be Philadelphia's next mayor, promises to reduce gun violence, launch an all-out crackdown on no-bid contracts and offer $10,000 tax breaks to companies that hire convicts.
Can someone give me a sound argument against the tax break idea? I'm tempted to say it's a decent idea....Logistically it might not work, but as a concept -- What's wrong with giving tax breaks to companies that give convicts (the majority who have drug convictions) a chance to escape the criminal world? That's gotta be in the top 5 for worst symptoms of the Drug War. Too many black males in our inner-cities are not hireable because of past convictions and this in turn prevents them from any real shot at a future.

This, I don't like the sound of (and we have it in certain neighborhoods in Baltimore). It has failed to work wonders yet.
He promises to declare a "state of emergency" in high-crime neighborhoods and use "stop-and-frisk" tactics to crack down on guns.
Translation: Whatever few rights remained against unlawful search and seizures has now been thrown in the trash like a used condom. If cops want to stop you and search you because you look suspicious and are in a shitty neighborhood -- aka any young black male in the city -- then it's A OK to do so. I'm not sure where in the 4th Amendment that exception is specified, but I'm going back to double-check...

Full article here. Thanks to Sean Higgins for the link.

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