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Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Note from the Nanny State- DC

In a city whose government can't seem to get the basics right, such as providing working fire hydrants, these two competing stories in the Northwest Current got my attention. [No link as they do not have an online edition]. The headlines and excerpts are thus:

"Council Mulls Ways to Up Financial Literacy"
The DC Council has taken an interest in student's financial literacy in hopes that teaching teenagers about principles of lending, borrowing, savings and credit will help them adopt sound financial practices as adults.
"National Test Show Low Literacy Level in DC"
More than half of the students sampled, 62% [I would call that two-thirds] scored below basic in reading.
I would think that the DC schools would want to try to make their students literate before they tried to make them achieve anything else. Financial aptitude is a ridiculous goal for students who cannot even read. And it is also a huge expansion of what we expect public schools to teach.

Council member Mary Cheh is intoducing this legislation, and she has shown herself to be a Nanny State nightmare. She has also led legislation to ban pay-day lending and trans-fats.

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