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Friday, October 19, 2007


Call me sentimental (I do live in San Francisco, after all) but I can't seem to get enough of stories about dogs being lost states away from their owners, only to return months later, a bit bony but bursting with love. I think its pretty sweet when hippos become friends with koalas and shit like that. And it makes me feel a little better about existing in such a crappy world when cats figure out how to dial 911 to save their heart-attack suffering owners. In our post-LOLcat age, anthropomorphizing the shit out of everything just seems to feel right, you know?

But even if you hate this stuff, and all of your emotions are repressed under a sports-team jersey, a six pack of cheap beer, and a vernacular that includes the word "gay"as an insult, this New York Times story about cats in Iraq might make you well up on your lunch break.

"The bloodiest suicide bombings, even miles away, have the sound and feel of the apocalypse, causing humans to freeze, no matter how often they experience it. Cats need to hear it only once. As they skitter to the safety of trees and bushes, they enter the blast and the tremor on the hard drive of their brains. On the next occasion, come the blast, they barely stir."
And yes. I am completely serious.

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