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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Right to Party

It really feels like there is some kind of costume party every weekend here in San Francisco. From Bay to Breakers to the Folsom Street Fair, city-dwellers and East Bay residents alike have ample opportunities to break out that Sponge Bob No Pants costume and a flask of whisky and parade down the street, hopefully scoring an alley-beej along the way. However, the biggest party of the year is undeniably Halloween.

"Halloween traditionally is a big event in gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities, but the celebration in the Castro neighborhood over time has become a regional party attracting hundreds of thousands of people."
Unfortunately, Halloween is a no-go in SF this year (or so the city decrees). Last year, nine people were shot during the festivities, including a pregnant woman. The principle decided the students cannot be trusted, and cancelled the fucking Prom. They even took away the toilets.

But I, like most SF residents, expect crazy-fun riots, some looting here and there, and major major orgies. I'll take pictures for ya'll. Should be fun.

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