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Monday, October 08, 2007

The "Surge" is a Bridge to Nowhere

The goal of the "surge" is to create enough security in Baghdad so as to facilitate Iraqi "reconciliation." That goal keeps getting further out of reach as now 50% of the Iraqi Parliament has quit and just about every Iraqi leader has gone on record stating that reconciliation is impossible under the current political system. Wa Post article here.

With evident regression on the entire point of the "surge," how did the Dems let Petraeus buy more time with his Powerpoint presentation to Congress and let him (and the administration) get away with redefining success as purely a reduction in violence, which was supposed to merely facilitate the goal, while the goal itself looks more and more like a delusional fantasy?

For more on the evils of Powerpoint, go here for the Gettysburg Address circa 2007.