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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Time to Bring Some Justice to the U.S. Justice Department.

I'm pretty sure if the U.S. government ever catches and kills Osama bin Laden it will just make him a martyr and make Al Qada stronger. But what if instead of killing him, U.S. agents slammed a paper plate of whipped cream to his face and ran away? That kind of humiliation would make him lose street cred. And that's the kind of justice I hope Michael Mukasey brings to the U.S. Justice Department. Watch out Osama. You too crooked members of Congress.
Michael Mukasey’s questionnaire answers, prepared for his upcoming confirmation hearing for his attorney general appointment, are about what you’d expect from a prospective top administration official. Educated by the Ivies, gave some speeches, won some awards … we almost fell asleep before we got to the good part, buried in the list of organizations with which he has been affiliated: the Senior Society of Sachems, an exclusive club at his alma mater, Columbia University.
The bloggers at the university’s student magazine offer one taste of the Sachems’ quirky and hush-hush initiation process: “A few years ago, a junior found a costumed FedEx employee on her doorstep; the package contained a cell phone which immediately began ringing,” they wrote. “After following the directions of the mysterious voice, she was officially welcomed into the society with a paper plate of whipped cream to the face.”

More here. (2nd story down)

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