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Monday, October 22, 2007

Undefeated Fantasy Season? Or Undefeated NFL Season?

The Sports Guy is on it:
With that said, I'd always choose a 19-0 Pats season over a 16-0 fantasy season. Here's a good indicator for where you'd stand in the same situation: When you're watching a game and your fantasy team and real-life team come into conflict -- say you're a Cowboys fan and a Plax owner, and Plax scores a 50-yard TD to give the Giants a fourth-quarter lead -- as it's happening, you'll either root for them to tackle Plax, or you'll root for him to score under the twisted "maybe I can get the points and Dallas can still win the game" logic. It's one or the other. It's one of the most black-and-white moments you'll have as a sports fan. I love fantasy as much as anyone, but I could never root for something fantasy-related that would screw over the Pats. If you'd root for Plax to score in that situation, either you're not really a Cowboys fan, or you care a little too much about your fantasy team and might need an intervention.

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