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Friday, October 05, 2007

Weekend Football Preview

Below is the first installment of our Weekend Football Preview, sent in by our roving gambling/football correspondent Jim. His credentials as both a gambler and sports fan are impeccable, as a loser at the former and a fan of losers in the latter. Seriously, all the credit in world to the guy; Jim actually offered to do this --to which I said "You want to write something? For free? On a Friday?" And history was made. Enjoy.


Here are a few game predictions for week 5 of the NFL season. If I were a gambling man, which I am not, I would recommend not gambling at all. Gambling leads to losing money, binge drinking because you’re upset you lost so much money, losing more money because you are so drunk, and ultimately...hookers...Wait, did I recommend NOT gambling? Anything that leads to hookers should be encouraged. So strike what I said before – bet the house on the following predictions:

Baltimore (-3) at San Francisco (+3)

The Ravens, and their celebrated defense, are not that good. Look at their last three games – they beat a mediocre Jets team by a touchdown at home in week 2, barely held on to beat Arizona by a field goal at home in week 3, and were embarrassed by ex-Raven Jamal Lewis and his Cleveland Browns in week 4. In week 5, the team with the most successful ground attack will walk away with a W. The Ravens will focus on shutting down Frank Gore; the 49ers will focus on shutting down Willis McGahee. I think Gore has more success against an overrated Ravens D. Final Score: San Fran 20 – Ravens 14.

San Diego (+1) at Denver (-1)

If Norv Turner isn’t an absolute moron, his Chargers will beat Denver. Being an absolute moron would be not feeding the ball to L.T. Last week, Tomlinson had 116 yards on 14 carries in the first half. He carried just six times in the second. If L.T. is on my football team, he’s doing everything – running, passing, returning kicks, calling plays, receiving dome from my daughter or sister on the sideline – whatever he wants. And he certainly wants more than six carries in any half of football. This week he faces a Denver defense that ranks 31st in the NFL against the run. Norv, don’t be a moron. Give L.T. the rock. Or dome. Final Score: Chargers 24 – Denver 20

Seattle (+6) at Pittsburgh (-6)

The Steelers were upset by a pesky Cardinals team last week. Before that, their three wins were against suspect opponents – 2-2 Cleveland, 1-3 Buffalo and 2-2 San Francisco. Pittsburgh faces their hardest opponent in the Seahawks this week. If Seattle wants to be considered a powerhouse in the NFC, they need to win this game. I think they come to Pittsburgh and hand the home team a loss. So here’s my upset pick of the week. Final Score: Seahawks 27 – Steelers 19.

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