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Friday, October 19, 2007

Weekend Football Preview

Two out of three ain’t bad. Last week, I was close, but the Packers were somehow able to squeak out a win against the Redskins. My Patriots domination prediction was accurate, so I think any praise coming my way is well deserved. I guarantee that these Week 7 picks will be right - partly because I’m the shit, and partly because I’m not picking any difficult games.]

Colts (-3) at Jaguars (+3)
This Monday night game should be a great game to watch. The Colts still have that potent offense and that incredible QB, Peyton Manning. What you didn’t know is that their defense has been very good, too. Indy’s defense has allowed a mere 278.2 ypg, the fifth best in the NFL. The Jags defense has also been solid, currently ranked eighth in the same category.
David Garrard has been as efficient as any passer in the league. He has thrown 6 TDs, no interceptions, and has a QB rating of 104.7. This is a match-up of two quarterbacks playing excellent football. Because of the high profile nature of the Monday night game, I think the more polished Manning has more success. This will be a well played football game, as the Colts will win by a touchdown. Final Score: Colts 24 – Jags 17.

Vikings (+9.5) at Cowboys (-9.5)
Last week, the Cowboys were beat by a better team. That team, the Patriots, is the BEST team, and very few intelligent people thought the Cowboys had any real chance to win. New England didn’t win by three touchdowns because of Romo’s play (he threw for 2 TDs and only one INT). It was Dallas’ porous secondary – giving up 388 yards and 5 TDs through the air – that cost them the game.

I think this game will be close. Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson is coming off a spectacular 224-yard three touchdown performance against the celebrated Bears D. Their starting RB, Chester Taylor, had a decent showing with 83 yards on the ground. If the Vikings can have this much success running the football, they could win this game. The Cowboys understand this concept, and will stuff the line of scrimmage – forcing QB Tarvaris Jackson to beat them through the air. A prepared Dallas team won’t let this happen. And on the other side of the ball, the Cowboys should be able to exploit a Vikings defense that is weak against the pass. Final Score: Vikings 20 – Dallas 27.

Cardinals (+8.5) at Redskins (-8.5)
The Redskins are nine point favorites. I repeat – the Redskins are nine point favorites. What the fuck is going on here? The last time the Redskins were nine point favorites over anybody, the forward pass hadn’t been invented yet. I guess odds-makers know that Kurt Warner is suffering from an injury that may keep him on the bench and that if he can’t play, Tim Rattay will start for the Cardinals. Gregg Williams and the Redskins defense are licking their collective chops right now.

Washington outplayed Green Bay last week in most facets of the game, but lost due to a plethora of mistakes by their offensive skill players. Most notably, Santana Moss was charged with two drops, but let another slip through his fingers and into the hands of a Packer for an interception. This is uncharacteristic for Moss, who was coming off of an injury, and I doubt it will continue. This week, the Redskins secondary will match up well with Arizona’s stud WRs (Boldin and Fitzgerald). Arizona’s only hope is to get the ground game going with Edgerrin James to take some pressure off of whichever mediocre QB. Washington’s defense will do a good enough job to stop Edge, and neither Arizona QB will be able to carry the offense. Final Score: Redskins 21 – Cardinals 10.

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