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Friday, October 12, 2007

What happened to Plan A?

Barr Pharmaceuticals, the company behind the illustrious Plan B, have created a Canadian website called The site makes intentional humor out of an unfortunate situation, thus eliminating the shame associated with going to the pharmacy and telling the judgemental person behind the counter that, " broke."

Visitors to the site are asked to rate their most common/funny/ubiquitous reasons for needing Plan B and then the scores are tallied up so that we can all feel a bit of the "yeah that happened to me too" solidarity.

While amusing and frank, the site kind of rubs me the wrong way (pun intended). A lot of the's reasons for needing Plan B are just excuses for when you were either too drunk, lazy, or plain irresponsible to put on a condom at all. Excuses such as "awe...tht [sic] sucks" as well as "Saranwrap and elastic sucks" are the "the dog ate my homework" of unprotected sex. Of course people should still be proactive about the consequences of their actions/accidents (and yes, I fully support all free and fair trade of Plan B (disclosure: I even sold it to minors when I worked at Planned Parenthood)) but I guess I just wish we didn't always feel the need to make a cutesy jokes about everything. Especially when, you know, you can still get chlamydia and stuff.

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