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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Whoopi Suggests 3-Way with House Speaker and Husband; The View Gets Attention, I Get a Boner

I don't even know why I just wrote that. Maybe because there's nothing out there for a perverted blogger to blog on. I'm desperate. Really, it's bad out there right now. I mean, I'm making Whoopi Goldberg jokes. In 2007. Not even very good ones. And the story involves Barbara Walters, and The View. I'd be more current if I was making fun of MC Hammer. Or Chrystal Pepsi.

Since I have nothing else for you guys, I'll throw some links out there that have been building up in Rob's link que.

Newsflash: Government workers waste taxpayers' money on extravagant travel.

Baltimore City officials pin their hopes on something that hasn't happened in decades...A population increase. Even if it is just a 900 person gain.

Some not-so-good news from Afghanistan.

Clarence Thomas links from NRO and Richard Minter.

For the 300th time in the last 3 months, the ONDCP touts the current cocaine crunch in the US as a good thing. Claims War on Drugs is having "the best results in 20 years."

Asian gangs in the UK are using child slaves to run their cannabis production centers. I'd imagine a lot of growing and packaging. As the Drug Czar's blog says.."Marijuana: Harmless?" Well, when you put it that way...If only we'd ban the damn substance...

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