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Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Wire Round Up

You still have a few months to wait until the new, and final season of The Wire premiers in January, (and a whole lot longer for Deadwood) but to help tide you over 'till then I've dug up a few Wire related links. Enjoy

Creator David Simon spoke at Johns Hopkins the other day, participating in a symposium that centered around the theme "Renewing American Culture." As he put it, "I prefer to focus on it's collapse."

He also offered a strong indictment of the drug trade - one of the central themes of his work - calling it "the worst subversion of our judicial system you could possibly have."

"Your chance of being the victim of violence in this city if you're white is no different than Omaha, Neb.," he said. "There are two Americas."

"There's no politician that has the courage to do what needs to be done to get rid of these draconian drug laws," he added.
'I don't mind nasty roles'. Aidan Gillian, or Mayor Carcetti, a man cut from the same cloth as Rob.

And don't forget, season 4 will be released on DVD December 4th.

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