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Thursday, November 15, 2007

DC Tax Theft Mastermind is My Neighbor

DC is not a city of tear-downs replaced by McMansions. But there was one in my neighborhood and-- surprise-- it belongs to Harriett Walters, the mastermind behind the theft of $31 million and counting from the DC Treasury.

To compound on the scandal, the assessment office is a den of favors and out of control discretion. I have a friend in Logan Circle who was unhappy with her rapidly appreciating assessment and taxes. She went through the proper channels and her appeal was rejected. Then she called the assessment office and (in a morally compromised way) affected an African American accent and decried gentrification. Lo and behold her assessment was on the spot reduced by 50% by the woman on the phone.

I can only imagine what the friends and relatives of that woman pay in property taxes.

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