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Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Links

It's back! Full of drugs, it's the Friday links..

A classic Robert Redford movie I caught during solid AMC programming over Thanksgiving. Especially with what they have been showing lately.

Obama tells kids: "Fun is bad." Naturally, everyone takes notice.

Amy Winehouse might want to find a new sponsor.
Doherty helps Winehouse quit drugs
Amy Winehouse speaks to Pete Doherty every day in a bid to help her quit drugs.
More here.

On the lighter side...

Murder rate is at its lowest level ever in New York.

John Howard involved in a tight race in Australia.

I agree. It doesn't matter what she is saying, I take her side in any disagreements. If she wants her job back, give it to her. Same with money. She can't be wrong.

The French railroad workers go back to work. Or everyone thinks they do...It can be tough to tell...

SIXTH-FORMERS at a top school were tested for drugs on Monday using a super-sensitive detection device.

Slough Grammar principal Margaret Lenton arranged the checks in a bid to reinforce the school's strict anti-drugs policy.

The tests were conducted at the Lascelles Road school using a drugs itemiser machine which can detect the tiniest traces of drugs on the palm of people's hands.
Read the full article.

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