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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Gisele Knows What the Fed Does Not

I am old enough to remember stagflation, odd and even number gas rationing and Carter's fireside chats.

Here we go again. The dollar has plummeted in value from 0.85 Euros to 1.46. That is a relative loss of 72%. This a major economic catastrophe in the works, as the unstable dollar is causing lender countries like China to dump dollars.

If China and other surplus nations stop buying our debt then we are toast, as our debt just hit a record of $9 trillion. Watch the debt clock here.

Then we have oil at $100 a barrel, which is triple for US consumers since 2000 but only double for Euro nations, as their currency is strong.

The Fed, instead of lowering interest rates, should have raised them to maintain the value of our currency. Inflation and the loss of confidence in the dollar are not so good for the economy.

Even Tom Brady's supermodel girlfriend understands this as she now demands payments in the Euro and not the greenback. Why does not Ben Bernanke know what Gisele does? And will Tom Brady demand his salary in Euros?

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