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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hooters Girls of the World, Unite For A Cause

Q. When do SWAT teams NOT make the national MSM news?

A. When they raid the wrong houses, kill dogs, and put guns to the heads of children or the elderly.

Q. When do SWAT teams make the national MSM news?

A. When they pose with armed Hooters girls.

If we could only unite an army of busty libertarians to bring down any and all threats to civil liberties... And just one picture of Dick Cheney with his head wedged in cleavage would probably do more to bring him down than any well-researched article or report on his Constitution-stomping shenanigans.

Depressing but true, folks. I'm going to pack the ol' assault rifle in the armored car and go get myself some buffalo wings.

Story here.

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