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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Montgomery County Hospitals Ban Smoking Outside, and Smelling Like Smoke

A coalition of hospitals in Montgomery County, MD (a Nanny State), just banned smoking on their hospital campuses.
The use of tobacco products will be prohibited anywhere on the hospitals' grounds -- outside entrances, on walkways or in parking lots and garages. Gazebos where smoking has been permitted are being dismantled, and cans for cigarette butts will disappear...

They also printed small cards with "scripts" for staff members to follow if they see a colleague, visitor, patient or family member puffing away. The suggested dialogue is more courteous than curt, but employees could face disciplinary action for repeated violations. A worker with clothes smelling of tobacco might be issued disposable coveralls or asked to go home and change.
Maybe hospitals should instead focus on the 195,000 people they kill each year through error instead of policing the smell of smoke on one's clothes.

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