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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Palmetto Poll

I'm pulling this directly from a Byron York post over at NRO. I did a quick search to see if the Clemson poll had been fully released and couldn't find it. So I'm trusting the real journalist for these numbers. Pay close attention to Ron Paul's jump in this southern state of South Carolina and Giuliani's nove dive, down to 5th place.
The poll shows Romney in the lead among Republicans with 17 percent – up from his fourth-place, 11 percent finish in the same poll in August. Fred Thompson is in second place at 15 percent, down from his first-place, 19 percent showing in August. Mike Huckabee is in third with 13 percent, well up from his fifth-place six percent in August. John McCain is in fourth place with 11 percent, down from his third-place 15 percent in August. And Rudy Giuliani – who was virtually tied with Thompson for first place with 18 percent in August – is in fifth place with nine percent in the new poll. Giuliani's nine-percentage-point drop is the biggest in the field. Finally, Ron Paul is in sixth place with six percent – up from one percent in August
6% for Paul isn't half bad in South Carolina. You figure his immigration and abortion views would play well there....But that seems awfully good for him...

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