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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oily is Never a Good Look...

Oh I am. I heard Rob was looking for me. I recently got a new job blogging/doing creative shit for a failing fashion dot com, so I've been avoiding reality and living in that world for the past week or so. But I'm back with more environmental/not quite libertarian (boohoo) stuff for you guys.

So I had a first hand experience with the oil spill on Sunday. I headed down to the beach with a friend. When we arrived on the sand we went to take our shoes off when these two girls stopped us and said, "um, you guys probably shouldn't do that, there is oil and grossness everywhere." We couldn't see the oil and the water looked fairly blue, but we put our shoes back on and walked towards the ocean. When we got back up to the street I looked down at my feet and there was what looked to be tar stuck all over my white Converse. I bent down and touched it, and when I brought it up to my nose, I knew immediately what it was. Black sand, saturated with oil. Totally sad, disgusting, and awful. Hours later I could still smell it on my fingertips. Completley ruined my sneakers too.

My secret hate-sex partner, Gavin Newsom, is being a real coconut scented douchebag about the whole thing. Go figure.

Which leads me to my next point: If you live in or around SF, there is a training TONIGHT on how you wonderful civilians can help clean up the bay. Hey, personal responsibility...

I'd be there, but you know, Gossip Girl is on.

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