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Monday, November 12, 2007

The One Party I Don't Want To Be Invited To

Women Gathering At Homes For 'Taser' Parties
Events Called Tupperware Parties Of 2007

Groups of women are gathering at homes across America for Taser parties, where the guns are presented with wine and cheese, similar to earlier Tupperware parties.
Good to know. I'll be on the lookout for fraudulent invitations in my mailbox, inviting me to a "Topless Fun Time Party". Or else I'll end up like the guy who owes $3,000 in parking tickets and responds to the "Win a Free Boat" contest and ends up in a room full of cops instead. Only I'll find myself in a room full of angry women with tasers. It's a nightmare of mine. Some people fear heights and bugs; for me it's suburban housewives with stun guns.

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