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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our "Voluntary" Tax System

Charles Rangel, in explaining his "Mother of All Tax Reforms" bill, which would raise taxes by $3.5 trillion over the next ten years, says his bill would
"restore a sense of equity and fairness that is critical to the success of our voluntary tax system."
Voluntary tax system? Are we living in the same country? Federal withholding is not voluntary. The tax code has nothing voluntary about it. If you don't pay they put garnishes on your wages, then liens on your property and then you go to prison. Voluntary?

In the IRS realm, unlike the rest of the US justice system, the accused are presumed guilty until they can prove themselves innocent. And the IRS will use their full power under the law, with guns blazing, even over a minor dispute.

Today I got a letter from the IRS claiming that I owe them $766, a small sum and I think that they are wrong. But here is the "we will destroy you" content of the letter I received:
This is our notice of our intent to levy (take) any state tax refunds that you might be entitled to. In addition, we will begin to search for other assets that we might levy.
Mr. Rangel, what exactly do you mean by "voluntary?" The IRS can put a lien on my home for a $766 dispute?

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