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Monday, November 26, 2007

This Week In Dictatorship

A Russian judge sentenced opposition leader Garry Kasparov to five days in jail Sunday, a day after the chess champion-turned-politician and other protesters were arrested at a pro-democracy demonstration in Moscow.

Kasparov was charged and sentenced Sunday for organizing an unsanctioned procession, resisting arrest and chanting anti-government slogans.

[Emphasis mine]

Chavez said Sunday he is putting relations "in the freezer" after President Alvaro Uribe ended the Venezuelan leader's role mediating with Colombia's leftist rebels. That announcement drew a strong rebuke from Uribe, who said Chavez's actions suggest he wants to see a "terrorist government" run by leftist rebels in Bogota.


It could have serious economic consequences. The two countries are major commercial partners, with $4.1 billion in trade last year, about two-thirds of that in Colombian exports to Venezuela.

This situation in Venezuela is a bit more complicated. First off, the talks between Chavez and FARC were (according to the article) to arrange for the release of hostages. Second, Uribe comes off as no angel himself. But as Chavez isolates his nation from the world further, is there anyone (outside of Hollywood) who really believes this guy cares about "his people" anymore?

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