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Monday, November 12, 2007

Washington Post, Slots, etc

God bless this introductory paragraph in a Washington Post piece today on the Secretary of Labor, etc (a few other areas fall under him).

Thomas E. Perez's liberal credentials couldn't be more solid: At the Justice Department, he prosecuted a Texas gang of white supremacists who targeted blacks in a deadly crime rampage. On Capitol Hill, he counseled Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) on civil rights and criminal justice issues. And on the Montgomery County Council, Perez annoyed business interests by crusading against predatory lending.
So only a good liberal would prosecute white supremacist who went on a "deadly crime rage"? A conservative, or libertarian for that matter, would what, just look the other way? Unbelievable.

BTW, the article is about Perez and his front-line support for O'Malley's slots machine proposal. It seems that everyone is shocked, shocked I say, that politicians are two-faced, hypocritical scumbags who lack conviction and change their positions on issues at the drop of an opportunistic hat. In this case it is gambling, or more specifically slots. When former Republican Gov. Bob Ehrlich tried to pass a bill allowing slots in Maryland he was met with fierce opposition from Democrats who controlled (and still do control) both houses of the legislature. This wasn't some time in the distant past, rather it was in the last 2 years. And no one seemed, or still seems to care how these gutless politicians have simply changed their mind because their guy is advocating slots now.

This is the money quote from the article on the Secretary:

"I certainly hear from many friends in the progressive community who say, 'Tom, how can you support slots?' " Perez said in a recent interview. "I give them a simple answer.

"I'm motivated in large part because I want to address the problems of the uninsured. I want to address the undereducated, and I want to address the challenges confronting people who are living in the shadows of our communities. The reality is we need a funding source to address these challenges."
Who exactly is that funding source? In the case of slots, it's much the same as state lottery's -- poor and elderly people. Don't mistake me, I have no qualms with gambling. None at all. But I do have problems with a state-run gambling monopolies that block out private casinos and limit choices for the player. Most of all I hate that the government supposedly bans gambling to protect the potentially exploited "victims" of the industry, but then turns around and does the exact same thing they said they were trying to prevent. Disgusting.

Full article here.

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