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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Watching Hillary

on C-SPAN, live at the Democratic fundraising dinner in Iowa, and boy is she talking slow. A very deliberate delivery would be another way to put it, but it just seems really slow to me. Creepy slow.

Now it seems like Nancy Pelosi is also talking really slow too. I'm gonna make a ham-and-cheese toastie, snuggle up with the bong and see if this really slow talking is just me, or a disease inflecting major Democratic politicians.

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UPDATE: Barack, not too subtly on Hillary and what kind of candidate the Democrats don't need --- "That means [talking about Hillary] not answering questions because they [the answers] might not be popular. [We do not need...]Triangulating and poll driven positions...

After tearing into Hillary for the better part of 10 minutes, Obama goes on to tell us why he is in this race. To raise the minimum wage not every 10 years, but some unspecific amount. To give teachers a raise. To close Guantanamo Bay. To lead the world to combat the worlds problems, ie genocide, disease, terrorism..etc. As Obama would say -- THAT'S why I'm in the race.

Case study in how global warming zealots think: Obama on how now is the time for his ascension into office because we are at a tipping point in our nation. The first cataclysmic event is wait for it...wait for it... more uninsured people in the near future. Break out the survival kits folks. Yawn. However, the second cataclysmic event, and the rhetoric used to appeal to environmental doomsayers is telling. And chilling. I quote:
I don't want to see that the oceans have risen a few more inches, the planet has reached a point of no return.
That is the point of no return? So if that is the point of no return, and it is so close, then we would be idiotic and careless if we didn't do everything humanely possible to prevent it, no matter what the consequences...right? I've giving up reasoning with these folks (global warming fanatics) for just this reason. I just hope they shoot themselves in the foot at some point soon, before they too much damage by gaining too much influence in Washington. I do worry though, that as a special interest they haven't reached the peak of their power yet.

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