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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Weekend Football Preview

Browns (-2.5) at Ravens (+2.5)

Besides the fact that they are both in the AFC North, what do these teams have in common? Well, poop is brown. So the Browns resemble poop in that regard. And the Ravens play like shit. Shit is poop. And poop is brown. You get the idea…

Yet again, the quarterback controversy is rampant in Baltimore. I don’t see why anyone could have strong feelings FOR either one of these guys. The only argument a reasonable person could make for starting Steve McNair or Kyle Boller is that the other guy is even more pathetic. The coaching staff has determined that McNair sucks more, so Boller will start this weekend. The Ravens will rely on McGahee in this game, and could be pretty successful against Cleveland’s 28th ranked rush defense. Cleveland’s QB, Derek Anderson, has actually looked like he belongs in the NFL (as opposed to either Ravens’ QB). He has done a great job spreading the ball to TE Kellen Winslow, wideout Braylon Edwards, among other targets. Last week, the Browns lost to a very good Steelers team by 3. This week, they will beat the Ravens by more. Final Score: Browns 28 – Ravens 16.

Raiders (+5) at Vikings (-5)

To all those fantasy owners who are mourning over the loss of Adrian Peterson – I feel your pain. I rolled the dice by giving up multiple players to attain the great AP. Unfortunately, his injury will probably sideline the rookie phenom for the remainder of the season. More bad news for the Vikings organization is that Tavaris Jackson is still the starting QB. As someone notorious for making bad decisions, this guy could have trouble against an Oakland pass defense ranked 4th in the NFL and holding opposing QB’s to a 73.8 passer rating.

Minnesota will try to fill the void with Chester Taylor. On the other side of the field, the Raiders have a new RB of their own. Since being named the feature back a couple weeks ago, Justin Fargas has been playing surprisingly well. I think both starting running backs have decent days. I think Jackson makes a few mistakes, which helps Oakland win this game. Final Score: Raiders 19 – Vikings 13.

Redskins (+10.5) at Cowboys (-10.5)

Sorry Redskins fans. In recent years, games between these teams have been competitive. This year, the ‘Skins will be swept. Dallas is too strong across the board for the Redskins to compete, especially in Dallas. Tony Romo has performed exceptionally well this season. He may not be Tom Brady, but he’s close. And the most recent injury to the Redskins secondary – Sean Taylor’s sprained right knee – may be too much to overcome. Dallas boasts the 3rd ranked passing offense in the NFL. Without their enforcer, I think the Redskins give up lots of yards through the air.

With a weakened defense, Washington’s only hope is to mount a respectable offence, which they have been unable to do with any consistency this season. If Gibbs, or Saunders, or whoever has the authority, keeps the reigns off of Jason Campbell, they may be able to move the ball effectively through the air. With all the injuries to the Redskins receivers, this becomes unlikely. Clinton Portis cannot do it all – certainly not enough to match the Cowboys’ potent offense. Final Score: Cowboys 30 – Redskins 20.

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