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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Weekend Football Preview

Packers (+7) at Cowboys (-7)

This Thursday night game presents a battle between the two elite teams of the NFC. ESPN is touting the game as a showdown of Favre v. Romo – the gunslinger of old v. the up-and-coming young gunslinger. While that is an accurate assessment, the key to this game, I think, will be which defense holds up best.

Everybody knows about the offensive success of both teams, particularly in the passing game. But the success of their defenses has also contributed a great deal to the lofty 10-1 records held by both teams. The Packers have the 12th ranked defense in the NFL, a significant improvement from their recent history. The Cowboys are ranked 7th overall in the same category. Slight edge goes to Dallas here. And even with his experience, Farve is capable of making a costly mistake at any time, slightly more so than Romo. This game should be an exciting one. Since the game is in Dallas, I think the ‘Boys have a slight edge. Final Score: Cowboys 31 – Packers 27.

Seahawks (+3) at Eagles (-3)

The Eagles looked great against the Patriots, didn’t they? All week, everyone was saying that they’d get blown out, and then Feely comes in and almost leads Philly to an improbable victory. So after playing a very competitive game against New England, the Eagles should have no problem beating the Seahawks, right? Well, I think this assumption is wrong.

I just do not think the Eagles can play at that level two weeks in a row. They haven’t looked that good all season, so why would I expect a repeat performance? Seattle will prepare for the McNabb-less Eagles and focus on stopping Brian Westbrook (they could be moderately successful, but the guy will still have a great fantasy day…). Hasselbeck and his WR’s will have a good day in Philly. Feely won’t look quite so impressive. Final Score: Seahawks 24 – Eagles 19.

Bills (+5.5) at Redskins (-5.5)

The tragic loss suffered by the Washington Redskins this week overshadows any discussion of the upcoming game against the Bills. Sean Taylor’s death is a devastating blow to his family at home and the Redskins organization. Personally, I enjoyed watching Taylor mature as person and develop into one of the game’s most respected players on the football field. We will never realize just how far his potential would take him. As horrible as this situation is, the team must move on from this tragedy and play out the rest of the season.

The Redskins playoff hopes are extremely slim at this point. At 5-6, they have to finish the season 4-1 to have a realistic shot at the postseason. With games at the Giants, at the Vikings, and at home against the Cowboys, finishing with only one loss is unlikely.

Against Buffalo, however, the ‘Skins should get back to .500. With the loss of Sean Taylor on their minds, I think they play hard and play well against a very beatable Buffalo team. Final Score: Redskins 27 – Bills 19.

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