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Friday, November 16, 2007

Yeah, Without Federal Regulations Companies Have No Incentives to Not Kill Their Customers

Nope, none at all. I'm sure McDonalds would be putting glass and tacks in their hamburgers if it wasn't for federal regulators.
Edward Markey has been waiting for decades to close what he might call a loop-de-“loophole” in roller-coaster regulation. The Massachusetts Democrat started down the track Thursday with a proposal to restore ’coaster regulatory powers to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

"You put your kid on a ride that goes 80 mph, and you’re assuming there’s some regulation,” Markey said, citing “staggering” roller-coaster injury rates.

Republican Cliff Stearns of Florida played carny’s advocate. Injuries from fixed-site amusement rides rank just above harm by darts, he said. And, he noted, ’coaster numbers are way below basketball injuries — a point with special relevance for Markey, who was hurt playing basketball a few months ago.

“Following [Markey’s] line of reasoning, we would want to put federal regulators first and foremost in charge of basketball regulation . . . and work it on down to racquetball and fishing,” Stearns joked.

Markey ended up withdrawing his amendment in good humor, but he promised to come back for another ride when the full committee considers the bill.


Via Congressional Quarterly (sorry, subscription required).

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