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Friday, December 07, 2007

Advice You Can Use

From KREXTV in Grand Junction, Colorado:
Mall Shooting: How to Protect Yourself

The mall shooting in Omaha has a lot of people wondering if it could happen here.
Local authorities and mall officials say you can't prevent this type of tragedy... but you can prepare for it.
"When I was leaving my house for the mall this morning, I wondered if I should go considering what happened," says Megan Stenhouse, a mother of four young children.[...]

"In a case like a mall shooting, you should avoid the threat," says Grand Junction Police Department officer T.J. Rix.
Authorities say they do have plans in place if a shooting happened here, however, mall security is being tight-lipped about what those plans actually are.
"All of our security officers go through a comprehensive training program," says Paul Petersen, general manager of Mesa Mall.
Police say if a shooter opened fire in a store with direct exits, you should go outside.
If you're in a store wedged between others, it's best to go to the back, get down, and stay out of sight.
You should also be aware of your surroundings and don't put yourself in a vulnerable position.
Other safety tips include avoiding bullets and wearing a giant bullet-proof bubble everywhere you go. Full article here.