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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Drag King for a Day

Sexuality is becoming extremely confusing. I always cherished my SF work trips as I could bliss out being surrounded by the world's best self-selection of beautiful lesbians and getting awesome booty. It was a very simple exchange. Then something happened: a lot of them started growing beards and going transgender. If I am not into men then why would I be into women who are pretending to be men, with fake facial hair and "packing" to boot?

SF still has a huge reservoir of hot "normal" lesbians but the transgender thing is huge there, as they all seem to flock to the place that most tolerates them.

Emily Yoffe of Slate waded herself into this complex dynamic when, as Slate's Human Guinea Pig, she agreed to become a Drag King. Her super interesting story and video of her performance are here.

Other subplots abound, as Montgomery County recently made it illegal to discrimate based on gender identity, versus actual gender, in bathrooms and locker rooms. I know the proponent of this legislation, Dana Beyer, who works for a key MoCo committee. And I see Dana at cocktail parties and "she" is very nice but I am 100% opposed to opening women's toilets and locker rooms to anyone who is not female by birth. Some things are sacred, such as a same-sex locker room.

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