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Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Morning Hate Mail---Bin Laden is a Libertarian, Dogs Are People Too, Mr Rogers & Mr T, etc

From the TtP mailbox this morning I learn that the Civil War is over, dogs are darned close to humans in intelligence, and that Ron Paul is libertarian like Mr Rogers is Mr T. Or is it like Mr T is like Mr Rogers.....I might not have gotten the last analogy correct. Eh, fuck it. What I do know, is that here at TtP we would never -- and I do mean NEVER -- stump for Osama bin Laden. I mean, we never could have a post titled Osama Most Convincing Candidate To Date. Really, how stupid do we look? On to the e-mails:
We have decided, as a nation, that dogs are important servants to

We have decided to protect them from people who are psychologically

This really isnt a libertarian issue at all, any more than a right
exists for you to beat your wife.

We have laws against abuse of people and animals. Dogs are pretty
darned close to humans in intelligence.

Why wouldnt we protect them? Cinton Portis, maybe you can talk to him
about running on your ticket.

But no so-called libertarian will get my vote.

Mark my words, this issue will ruin your party. It has ruined it. And
deal with the fact that the civil war is over, and you lost.
E-mail two:[from the same guy/female]
The Confederate Flag...ha...there's another winning issue for

It is, plain and simple, the flag of a terrorist organization which
attacked the US and lost, and one of their wonderful members shot and
killed President Lincoln. A symbol of terror. Plain and simple. Yeah
let's protect that right of free speech. Sure. Are you stumping for Al
Qaeda as well? Technically Bin Laden is a Libertarian, right? Perhaps a
hero of yours.

Gosh cant wait for the elections. Ron Paul is a libertarian against
abortion. Sure. That makes sense.
He makes Mr Rogers look like Mr T
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