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Friday, December 21, 2007

How Hard is it to Get a Regular Mail Carrier?

USPS dysfunction can be shown by my personal experience. I routinely receive mail that does belong to me and sometimes find mail in my shrubs. In the past seven years I have had only one regular carrier for only a 9 month period.

The USPS is a total disaster. They literally cannot produce a mail carrier to do my route. The past several ones have been fired for not showing up or being late. I am getting used to having half of my mail being addressed to people who are not me and getting my mail at 6pm.

When I questioned the mail carrier who does the route once per week as to why we don't have a dedicated person for my route, the answer is: I could do this route, but if I do I make $2k less per year and that reduces my retirement benefit so why should I do this?

All of us who have no retirement benefits do not exactly love that comment. But it is real. So the mail of people who have no retirement benefits is getting screwed up by those who do.

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