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Sunday, December 23, 2007

"I Am Legend" Scared the Crap Out of Me

I saw the trailer for I am Legend at the Uptown in Cleveland Park while I was there to see the totally mindless but entertaining The Kingdom. The Kingdom presented US protaganists who were so obnoxious that I was actually rooting for the radical Islamists to kill them. But back to the trailer...

It looked to me like an alien movie akin to Independence Day. The big money shot was the Brooklyn bridge getting shot down. I thought that aliens had done that and enthusiastically went back to the Uptown to see I Am Legend.

But no, aliens did not do it. The US Air Force did. The movie is not about aliens at all but about a virus gone amok. The virus kills 90% of humans on the spot and turns another 9% into hairless aggressive zombie beasts who want to kill the 1% of humans who are immune from the virus, for reasons that are not explained.

The film was fucking scary. Will Smith and his loyal non-infected German Shepherd are alone in Manhattan except for a few thousand zombies who only operate in the dark but have obtained, through the virus, non-human skills such as running faster than the speed of light (Slate article on how zombies have gotten faster over time here), being able to vertically scale buildings and a spider-like ability to hang from ceilings.

The non-infected dog of course got bit by an infected dog and became a monster so Will Smith had to strangle him. The climax was when Smith killed himself as an army of zombies, who he had the ability to cure but they didn't care, zeroed in on him. Man, this movie gave me nightmares. There was a toss to the optimistic that there was a non-inflected colony in Vermont.

So the movie was super disturbing. Living in Manhattan alone with zombies might actually be worse than spending Christmas with my family.

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