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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mean People Say Mean Things On the Internet

Brilliant idea for a newspaper column! I mean who knew about this?
Ahh, Craigslist, that happy little website of frugal friends buying, selling or trading worn-out cars and cozy apartment furniture.

Plus, there are all those hilarious jokes about blacks, gays, Hispanics, women and Jews.

The dirty little secret about the wildly popular Craigslist is that one click away from its home page are some raunchy and often deeply offensive forums inviting blatant racism, rants and sexual kinks.
This is what offends the guy on Craigslist? The forums? Clearly he's never clicked on the women seeking women personals. Yikes. Nothing but black, BBW lesbians lounging around in sexy/disturbing/hideous (take your pick) nude poses. Words are words. But a clit the size of refrigerator, is a clit the size of a refrigerator. And that sir, is offensive. Or hot. Personally I think it's hot. But I'm a mess. So whatever.

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