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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mind Your Own Business, Spain

Irish airline Ryanair has released a for-charity calendar featuring its "air hostesses" (flight attendants, I guess) in bikinis. And this aerospace engineer simply can't think of a better combination than bikini-clad Irish women and 737s.

But a Spanish government-funded women's rights institute is not happy.

MADRID, Spain: Spain's government-run Women's Institute has labeled a 2008 calendar for low-cost airline Ryanair featuring bikini-wearing air hostesses as sexist and said it would be sending letters of complaint to Irish and EU authorities.

The institute, which defends women's rights, said that while the fact that the proceeds from calendar sales would go to charity was positive, the photographs "represent the stewardesses as sexual objects" and "reinforce discriminatory stereotypes."

"It is significant that that only women are used, in a sector in which there is a considerable percentage of men," the institute, which is part of the Labor and Social Affairs Ministry, said in a statement.

I guess Spain thinks that Ryanair is the first to think of selling a calendar featuring scantily-clad women. I mean, hasn't this made it to Spain yet?

No word yet on whether the EU is actually going to act on this. But this is one thing about a multi-nation continental "government" that worries me. Spain could have prevented the calendar from being sold within its borders and called it a day. But now it wants papa EU to (presumably) prevent Ryanair from selling its calendar period.

Let's hope the EU gives this Spanish government organization the same treatment that the Spanish king gave Hugo Chavez.

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