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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Paul Follow-up

I was originally typing this as a comment to my previous post, but what the hell, I'll just make it a post.

However well Paul may be doing in the polls isn't really the point. Paul won't win the nomination. Not to pick on Fred Thompson (I like him better than Romney and Huckabee), but is Paul really any more of a fringe candidate than Thompson right now?

Fuck a few percentage points in the polls... that's basically the margin of error. Plus, polls have been pretty unreliable in the past, even a week or two before the caucus. My point is: Thompson's not going to be the nominee. Neither is Paul. So is there any reason Thompson is considered among Huckabee, Romney and Giulani, but Paul doesn't get a mention?

As a meaningful measure of significance, I'll take record fundraising over a few percentage points in the polls any day. I hope the discussion continues.

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