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Friday, December 14, 2007


In an effort to make peadophiles lives easier everywhere, the ONDCP's-Parent. The Anti-Drug media campaign, provides a handy go-to guide for internet lingo. Curious what that 14 yr old hottie is saying to you? Does it just look like lines and acronyms to your 45 yr old eyes? Want to know what an "emoticon" is? Well no need to kidnap the first emo kid you can find at the mall to translate for you; now you can have you very own internet lingo dictionary! Brilliant!

BTW, can we please recognize the idiocy of the write up for this page? The first couple sentences from the web page read:

TGIF, RSVP or even ASAP may sound familiar; however as computers have transformed communications a new dialect has emerged: Internet lingo. Acronyms or character symbols called Emoticons (mixing symbols to express emotions or moods) enable teens to communicate with others in a few keystrokes.
ASAP might sound familar? How fucking stupid are today's parents that they can't translate ASAP or RSVP? I betcha they feel dumb for writing As Soon As Possible out at the bottom of every memo they've ever sent out. And a "new dialect" has emerged? Abbreviations are a new dialect? That's right...the new dialect of abbreviations. The invention of modern men...

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