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Monday, December 17, 2007

Prick of the Year

I hope a gang of drunk, slutty women and the men who love them beat the shit out of this guy.

NEW YORK - Men are not discriminated against by "ladies' nights" at Manhattan nightclubs, just as people in their 20s do not suffer because some restaurants let children eat for free or have "early bird" specials for older customers, according to nightclub lawyers fighting a federal lawsuit.

Roy Den Hollander has sued clubs including Lotus and the China Club, saying he was discriminated against by ladies' nights, which offer women free or discounted admission and drinks.
More on this buzz killer here. I would like to go on record - right here, right now - as saying that every night is ladies' night at my house. Women drink for free. Well, financially free at least. They may have emotional scars that will last for years.