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Friday, December 28, 2007

Quick Trivia Question...

... What were Bhutto's political beliefs?

And no cheating, you know, like doing actual research. You have to answer based on what you've seen on TV and in the papers in the last 24 hours.

Between work today and alcohol tonight, CNN has been my only source of information about this. So my answer to the question is: "Hmm, something about democracy... Musharraf bad... and...democracy."

I'm not picking on Bhutto. She had guts to come back from exile at a time like this and oppose the dictatorial Musharraf. My point here, however, has little to do with Bhutto.

I just wish CNN could analyze foreign politics beyond "democracy" or "not democracy." It's just like how Bush spoke - and still speaks - of Iraq.

To be fair, I can't blame CNN or the MSM completely. Even Noam Chomsky writes of democracy this way. I just wish someone one the left or the right would say "Until basic individual liberty is realized in a nation or society, fuck democracy."

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